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Decreased demand for renting apartments in Kyiv, according to the media


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Moscow, December 25 – In Kyiv and the suburbs, there is a decrease in demand for rental housing due to power outages, according to the Ukrainian edition of
It is noteworthy that after the initial decline in prices in February, in August-September, the rental market in Kyiv experienced a rush due to the search for housing by refugees and migrants returning from abroad from other regions of the country, which led to an increase in prices. The situation has changed due to power outages, interruptions in the supply of water and heating. Housing with autonomous heating and gas began to be in demand, the demand for housing on the upper floors decreased, and many preferred to move to the private sector or out of town.

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“Against this background, tenants are not ready to pay higher rates. People are starting to move out of more expensive apartments. Someone is looking for cheaper options, someone decided to leave … More and more apartment owners are starting to lower prices. Offer discounts by 10 -15%.”, adds.

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