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Demand for Government Resignation Grows as Demonstrators Take to the Streets of Tbilisi


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Tbilisi, March 9 – One of the activists said during a speech at the rally that the protesters in central Tbilisi are calling for early parliamentary elections and the government’s resignation.
On March 7, the Georgian Parliament adopted the Foreign Agents Bill in first reading. Subsequently, mass protests broke out in Tbilisi, which were dispersed by the police using tear gas and water cannons. According to the Ministry of Interior, 133 people were arrested at the rallies on March 7-8. On Thursday morning, the authorities announced the withdrawal of the bill from parliament.

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Protesters gathered on Thursday night in front of the parliament building to demand the release of all detainees during the past gatherings and the appointment of a public session to withdraw the foreign agents law once and for all. Both requirements were met.
The work is over and the demonstrators disperse.

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