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Demand for Minister’s Resignation in Serbia due to Anti-Russian Stance


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Belgrade, March 14 – The “Movement of Socialists” of the director of the Serbian Security and Information Agency Aleksandar Vulin demanded the resignation of Minister of Economy (Economy) Rade Basta, who called on the government to decide on the issue of sanctions against Russia for the “heavy price” of refusing to support Western restrictions.
Basta became the head of the Ministry of Economy of Serbia in October 2022. He joined the new government from the Socialist Party of Serbia bloc, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic and his coalition partners, United Serbia. On Monday, Basta said he supported Western sanctions against Russia and called on all ministers to speak out on the issue.

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“If the Minister of Economy is not an expert, but a politician, then let him go to (former Belgrade mayor, oppositionist Dragan – ed.) Jelas and others <…>who are in favor of ending economic, fraternal and friendly relations with official Moscow and the Russian people,” Volyn quotes about the movement.
“We expect from Basta that his personal resignation from the Government of Serbia will show how important what it requires, if he does not receive support from other ministers in the struggle against the independent and impartial policy of freedom for our Serbia,” the letter says.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has repeatedly stated that Belgrade will continue its policy of military neutrality and “will try to hold out as much as possible without imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation”. In his opinion, the armed conflict in Ukraine is developing into a third world war, and Western countries are increasing pressure on Serbia due to its refusal to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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