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Demonstration of the importance of sanitizing swaddling stations in public restrooms!


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It looks like the new experiment will make parents think twice before using public places to change diapers.

Howdirtyis’ TikTok account did a test on a plastic table in a public restroom and found that the composition of the table was full of bacteria.

The samples grew as two different types of microbes, most likely from microscopic droplets of water sprayed from flush toilets.

Although the video does not state which bacteria was found, previous work has found feces such as salmonella, listeria and norovirus that can cause serious illness in a child.

However, parents can avoid germs by cleaning the area with sanitary napkins and placing a disposable diaper on a plastic table before laying the baby down.

The video contains over 1300 comments. And many parents talk about how they generally cope with the terminals they use.

Some people believe that microbes are the key to developing a child’s immune system, but diaper changing stations have led to several outbreaks – 46 children fell ill in Florida in 2007.

And in 2013, the norovirus outbreak in Oregon was linked to changing tables.

Source: Daily Mail

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