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Deputy proposes removing English from school syllabus


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Moscow, April 24 – It’s time to exclude the compulsory study of the English language from the school curriculum, says Sultan Khamzaev (United Russia), a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption.
According to him, English has become an international language only due to the fact that “it was definitely included in the program in this form.”

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“We have been directing children’s eyes to the West since childhood. Where is the obligatory Russian language in the educational program of the United States or Great Britain? Why? When there is such a large world as China, Saudi Arabia, Latin America and India.
At the same time, he noted that today there is “hardly” a place for initial military training in the school curriculum, and that classical subjects such as astronomy and drawing have been forgotten at the end of the transformation of the education system, he noted. In schools, you need to think first of all about the health and psychological state of the child: physical education, psychology, activities for the further socialization of the child, he believes.
“The country needs strong specialists in various fields, primarily technical specialists, and not just polyglots who only know English,” he concluded.

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