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Despite the incident, Kishida reportedly to perform publicly in Wakayama.


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TOKYO, April 15 – Kyodo News, citing LDP sources, reported that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida decided to hold three public appearances on Saturday despite the incident: one in Wakayama, where there was a loud bang earlier, and two more in Chiba. .
Later, the agency reported that Kishida had left the Wakayama Prefecture Police Headquarters and was heading toward the location of the expected public performance.
Earlier, NHK reported that a powerful explosion sounded around 11.30 local time (5.30 GMT) near Kishida’s public performance site after he completed his inspection of the Saigasaki Fishing Port in Wakayama City. Eyewitnesses told NHK that the young man, when the Japanese prime minister appeared, threw a black cylindrical object in his direction, after which the police arrested him, and a few seconds later he heard an explosion.

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The prime minister was escorted from the scene, unharmed, by security guards, as reported at the provincial police headquarters building.
There were also no reports of any injuries in the accident, and two firefighting teams were dispatched to the scene.
A man arrested was arrested at the scene on suspicion of willfully obstructing work.

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