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Destiny 2: A Multi-Level Space Shooter with Game Classes, Specializations, and Optimal Choices


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Destiny 2: A Multi-Level Space Shooter

Destiny 2 is a multi-level project that combines shooter mechanics, space exploration, and the confrontation between people and alien invaders. It also has a built-in storyline that gradually introduces players to the gameplay and the project’s history.

D2 is a global project developed by Bungie, the company behind the first part of Destiny and the Halo series. Set in the future, the game revolves around space exploration in a networked shooter.

In Destiny 2, players can choose their game class, upgrade levels, master quests and the grind system, participate in raids and strikes, and engage in the PVP system known as Trial of Osiris.

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Game Classes, Their Specialization, and History


A defensive warrior and master of marksmanship, the Titan is a medieval knight equipped with steel fists, ranged weapons, and a unique shield. They excel in close combat, defense, and counterattacks.


The Titan specializes in protecting allies, blocking incoming damage, and reducing damage for themselves and their allies. They excel at close-range combat with fists and ranged weapons.


The Titans are an order of knights dedicated to building and defending the main city in Destiny 2. They take an oath to protect the city and its inhabitants, even at the cost of their own lives.

Subclasses and Optimal Choice

Titans can choose from four subclasses that determine their reinforcement type and character development path. The available specializations are Lightning, Stand, Void, and Sun.

For a tank class that excels in close combat, lightning is ideal. It allows the Titan to deal elemental damage to enemies in close proximity, making them effective in grinding, PVP, and raids.

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The Stand subclass enhances the Titan’s steel fists by inflicting bleeding damage during attacks. It also adds an AoE effect that knocks over surrounding enemies, making it a powerful defensive choice.


The Warlock is an offensive class that can also act as a support class. They are mid-range shooters who can use magic for AoE damage or to buff and heal allies.


Warlocks are used as attacking classes for AoE damage in groups or alone. They shine in raids, with two warlocks often chosen to clear areas effectively. One warlock attacks while the other supports and ensures the well-being of the squad.


According to the game’s lore, Warlocks are wanderers and the descendants of medieval magicians transported to the future. They despise darkness and use light for both offensive and support roles.

Specialization and Optimal Choice

Warlocks also have two optimal choices that enhance their potential, especially for the attacking version. The Void subclass greatly enhances AoE attacks, while the Stand subclass allows precise control over AoE damage by scattering chrome balls.


The Hunter is a ranged class with the ability to attack enemies with any armor class. They can also use daggers and grenades to disguise themselves and avoid combat when necessary.


Hunters leverage their range advantage to shoot opponents from a distance, increase their damage, and mask their location. They excel in dealing consistent damage to bosses in raids and are highly favored in PvP scenarios, such as the Trial of Osiris.


In Destiny 2’s lore, Hunters are nomadic survivors forced to wander the wilderness, honing their shooting and survival skills to complete any job required for survival. Hunters are characterized by their signature capes, which signify their contract for contract killing.


The Sun subclass is the optimal choice for Hunters. It allows them to concentrate their energy and deliver enhanced shots that ignore the target’s armor, making them effective in raids and PvP.

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