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Detecting Cataracts Early: Tips from an Ophthalmologist


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Dr. Dmitry Dementiev, an ophthalmologist, spoke about the main danger of cataracts and how to recognize it.

And in the TV program, the specialist points out that cataracts are one of the most common eye diseases associated with the aging of the lens. Because with age, the lens wears out, loses transparency, and flexibility decreases. It can take 4 to 15 years for a coin’s lens to become cloudy.

According to him, cataract symptoms are associated with:

The appearance of spots, circles and dots before the eyes.

Duplicate image.

Intolerance to bright light.

– Poor vision in the dark.

And it is impossible to predict and even prevent cataracts. Therefore, it is better not to ignore these symptoms and wait for them to “ripen” in order to undergo surgery.

“You can go blind,” he says. “But cataract blindness is treatable.”

He adds: The operation usually takes 10-15 minutes, during which the patient feels no pain.

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