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Detecting the Silent Symptoms of a Blood Clot: Insights from Doctors


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British doctors have said that sudden pain in the leg or arm is a symptom of a blood clot.

British National Health Service doctors warn of symptoms that indicate the formation of blood clots.

According to them, it is very difficult to suspect a disease, since a person usually ignores the signals given by the body. Among these signs is a “silent” symptom, which is a sudden sharp pain in the leg or arm.

And doctors add, the feeling of pain can come and go, although the place of pain has not been hit or hit, and there are no signs of a bruise or swelling on it. This condition appears when a blood clot begins to form.

Doctors emphasize that these symptoms do not always indicate a blood clot. However, they advise if it recurs and feels pain for two weeks or more, one should see a specialist.

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