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Developing Device to Mimic Thyroid Gland: Moscow Scientists at the Forefront


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Scientists in the Russian capital have invented a medical device that mimics the work of the thyroid gland.

With the help of this innovative medical device, specialists can simulate infection with other diseases.

This helps doctors improve their skills in diagnosing tumors and taking samples from a diseased organ. This year it is planned to start mass industrial production of this useful medical device.

Ilya Tyrov, Deputy Head of the Department of Health of the Government of Moscow, said: “Moscow is conducting complex scientific work aimed at improving the healthcare system in the capital. One of the projects aimed at development was the development of important simulators for human organs. devices that mimic the organs and tissues of the human body. These devices are used to train doctors, modify and control medical equipment, expand the capabilities of radiologists in the capital, which greatly facilitates the acquisition of data related to human health.”

The use of simulations in modern medicine improves the quality of diagnostics and increases the efficiency of doctors. In this regard, devices are currently being developed that mimic the work of the prostate and blood vessels.

Specialists of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the Ministry of Health in Moscow have developed 5 medical simulators of this type. With its help, doctors can improve the skills of ultrasound diagnostics of blood vessels, blood clots in the brain, tumors and tumor foci in the mammary and thyroid glands, as well as improve the efficiency of measurements and training when performing various operations using ultrasound technology.


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