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Development of Splinter Cell Remake Underway at Ubisoft Studios: Exciting News for Fans


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Development of Splinter Cell Remake at Ubisoft Studios

Exciting news for fans of Splinter Cell: it seems that development of a remake may be in the works at Ubisoft studios. Job postings on Ubisoft Toronto’s official website indicate that the project is underway.

New Opportunities at Ubisoft Toronto

Currently, there are 12 job vacancies available for new employees, specifically for roles related to the Splinter Cell Remake. These positions include animators, story designers, texture artists, art directors, and more.

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Prioritizing Projects

Given the recent release of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, it is possible that the development studios have shifted their focus towards other projects. While these job offers are a positive sign, they also suggest that the development of Splinter Cell Remake is still in its early stages, considering the large number of employees being sought.

A Patient Fanbase

Despite the anticipation for Splinter Cell’s return, fans are willing to wait for however long it takes to ensure that the final product meets their expectations. This dedication is evident as they have endured lengthy waits for other games like Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Skull and Bones.

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