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Diablo 4 Exploit: Players Accumulate Loot and Gold with Glitch, Blizzard Implements Bans


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Diablo 4 Exploit Leads to Loot and Gold Accumulation

An exploit in Diablo 4 allowed players to easily gather a large amount of loot and gold. In response, Blizzard, the game’s developer, took immediate action by disabling the trading system and working on a fix.

Players Take Advantage of the Glitch

Although the issue is still being investigated, some players have discovered the glitch and have been using it to duplicate rare items, to then sell them at high prices and accumulate more gold for future gameplay.

Blizzard Implements Bans

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Blizzard has announced that players who have taken advantage of the exploit will face a ban. However, those who unknowingly purchased these duplicated items will not be penalized. The trading system will be reinstated once the issue is resolved.

Large Transaction Sparks Attention

The developers of Diablo 4 became aware of the exploit when a crossbow was sold for an exorbitant price of 30 million gold on the Discord trade server. This transaction raised suspicions and triggered further investigation.

History of Actions Against Exploiters

This is not the first time Blizzard has taken action against players exploiting the game. Previously, they have addressed similar issues related to seasonal exploits.


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