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Dialogue on Malvinas Islands Urged at Ibero-American Summit


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Buenos Aires, March 26 – Participants in the Ibero-American Summit, held in the Dominican Republic, called for the resumption of dialogue between Argentina and Great Britain on the issue of the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, following a statement issued by the Latin American country’s foreign ministry. .
“The countries participating in the summit … have agreed to a special statement on the Malvinas Islands. The document stresses the need for the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom to resume negotiations in order to find an early resolution to the dispute over the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates. “The Malvinas Islands and the surrounding maritime space with it.”
In early March, Argentina ended the September 13, 2016 Joint Declaration with the United Kingdom, known as the Foradori-Duncan Agreement. According to the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this agreement contradicts a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, which recommends that the two parties refrain from taking decisions that involve unilateral changes in the dispute over the sovereignty of the islands.

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At the same time, Argentina called on Britain to resume negotiations on the islands and transfer them to the UN site. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly responded by saying that the islands belonged to the United Kingdom.
There has been a long-standing dispute between the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom regarding sovereignty over the islands. In 1982, a war broke out between the two countries, which lasted for several weeks and ended in defeat for Buenos Aires.
Latin American countries Spain and Portugal participated in the Latin American Summit.

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