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Digging Trenches: Kiev Takes Action on Moldova Border


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Chisinau, March 11 – The press officer of the Moldovan border police, Raisa Novitsky, told the News Agency that representatives of Ukraine are digging trenches on the border with Moldova, explaining that this is an attempt to combat illegal immigration and smuggling.
On Saturday, Moldova’s Telegram channels began posting images from settlements bordering Ukraine. The photos and video show trenches dug in Ukrainian territory. Among the authors of these publications was Bogdan Tsierdia, a member of parliament from the Socialist Party of Moldova.
“Colleagues from the Ukrainian Border Guard Service report that such work is being carried out in order to prevent illegal crossing of state borders by people, as well as smuggling from Ukraine to Moldova,” Nowitsky said.

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According to them, such trenches can be seen on the territory of Ukraine, near checkpoints across the state border and where communication routes pass near the state border.

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