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Ding Liren Shares Insight on Triumph Against Nepomniachtchi in Sixth Game


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Moscow, April 16 – Chinese captain Ding Liren said that during the sixth game of the Chess Crown match against Russia’s Ian Nepomnyashchi, he felt in good shape.
The match in which the Chinese played with the white pieces ended with move 44. The score in the confrontation became 3-3. The seventh match will be played on Tuesday, and Nepomniachtchi will play with the white pieces.
The winner of the match is the player who gets 7.5 points first. A total of 14 games are planned using classic time control, and after every two games there is a rest day. In the event of a tie after 14 games, the winner will be decided by tiebreaker.

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Nepomniachtchi became a candidate for the chess crown after winning the Candidates Tournament in 2022. Since the Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen refused to defend his title, Nepomniachtchi’s opponent was Ding Liren, who finished second in the Candidates Tournament.

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