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Director Contemplates Origin Story for Equalizer Saga: Two Stars Considered for the Role


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The Director’s Contemplation: Origin Story for Equalizer Saga

Director Contemplates Origin Story for Equalizer Saga

The highly anticipated release of Equalizer 3 is just around the corner, and director Antoine Fuqua is considering the idea of proposing an origin story for the popular franchise. Initially, Fuqua discussed the possibility of using digital effects to rejuvenate the main actor Denzel Washington, who plays the character of Robert McCall.

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Digitally Rejuvenating Actors: A Hollywood Trend

For years, Hollywood has had a tendency to digitally rejuvenate its actors through special effects. A recent example of this was seen in the last Indiana Jones movie, The Dial of Destiny, where Harrison Ford’s character was digitally adjusted. However, Fuqua quickly acknowledges that this is just an idea and he has not yet discussed it with Denzel Washington, who may not be as enthusiastic. Another potential obstacle is the cost of this technology. For instance, Disney spent a staggering $295 million on Indiana Jones 5. Fortunately, if necessary, the director has a couple of young actors in mind for the role.

Two Stars Considered for the Role

The director has recommended two stars as possible replacements for Denzel Washington’s character, Robert McCall: Michael B. Jordan and John David Washington. Both actors have demonstrated their talents in various roles. In an interview with Joblo, Fuqua states, “I think it’s a very good idea to do the prequel and go back. We could ask Michael B. Jordan or someone else to play a young McCall.” When John David Washington’s name, who happens to be Denzel Washington’s son, is mentioned in the same interview, Fuqua expresses further interest.

Awaiting the Decision

In the meantime, while we await a decision, it’s worth noting that Equalizer 3 is scheduled for release on August 30 in theaters. This installment is intended to serve as the concluding chapter of Robert McCall’s adventures. Alongside Denzel Washington, the film also features Dakota Fanning (Ocean’s 8, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood), as well as David Denman (Emancipation) and Remo Girone. This time, during a vacation in southern Italy, Robert McCall will once again need to bring out his heavy artillery.

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