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Discover Balder: The New Character from Norse Mythology in Loki Episode 3


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Episode 3 Introduces Balder

In the third episode of Loki, a new character from Norse mythology makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This character is Balder, one of Odin’s sons and the brother of Thor and Loki. However, don’t expect him to have much screen time or dialogue because he initially appears as a statue. The scene takes place at the Chicago World’s Fair, where Mobius and Loki stumble upon a booth showcasing Nordic mythology with wooden sculptures. Loki, in his typical sarcastic tone, dismisses the diorama, including Balder, as embarrassing and claims that nobody would have heard of him anyway. This is a playful nod to the fact that Balder was originally intended to have a prominent role in several Marvel films but was eventually left out. Marvel uploaded the scene to YouTube for fans to enjoy.

Who is Balder?

In the MCU, Loki is correct in saying that Balder is relatively unknown. However, in the comics, Balder is another half-brother of Thor and is known as the god of light. He possesses incredible combat skills and is even considered stronger than the mighty God of Thunder himself. Balder first appeared in 1962 in issue #85 of Journey into Mystery. In Norse mythology, he is known as Baldr and meets his demise at the hands of Loki, who is jealous of Balder’s realm in the heavens where evil is banished. This explanation sheds light on why Loki is salty about Balder in the series.

Balder’s Unfortunate Casting Journey

Graham Churchyard, the costume designer, previously revealed in an interview that Balder was supposed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and even the first Thor film. However, it seems that plans changed, and Balder was ultimately left out of the cast. According to rumors, Balder’s role was meant to be minor, potentially being played by Daniel Craig and joining the Illuminati of Earth-838 alongside characters like Black Bolt, Captain Carter, and Professor Xavier. Sadly, it seems that Balder’s appearance in Loki will likely be his first and last in the MCU. As a reminder, you can stream the first three episodes of Loki on Disney+.

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