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Discover Ronaldo’s Reign at the Top of Planet Earth’s Scorer Rankings as Messi Pursues


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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his position as top scorer for centuries during his country’s match against Liechtenstein yesterday Thursday at the start of his Euro 2024 qualifier career.

Veteran Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals for his country in two minutes (51st and 63rd) to lead Portugal to a 4-0 win in a match that brought them together last Thursday night.

Ronaldo, Madeira Rocket, cemented his record as the world’s top scorer with 120 goals and the top scorer in football history with 830 goals.

Ronaldo’s goals (aged 38) were as follows: (450 goals for Real Madrid, 145 goals for Manchester United, 101 goals for Juventus, 5 goals for Sporting Lisbon and 9 goals for his current team Al -Nasr, Saudi Arabia). up to 120 with the Portugal national team so far.

Cristiano Ronaldo widened the gap between him and his direct rival and traditional rival, Argentine star Lionel Messi, who became the second player in history to score 800 goals after the Portuguese star.

Lionel Messi, 35, has scored 672 goals for Barcelona, ​​29 goals for his current team, Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to 99 goals for Argentina.

The following is a list of the top scorers in the world:

1- Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo – (830 goals)

2- Argentinean Lionel Messi – (800 goals)

3- Austrian Josef Pekan – (805 goals)

4- Brazilian Romario – (772 goals)

5- Brazilian Pele – (767 goals)

6- Hungarian Ferenc Puskas – (746 goals)

7- German Gerd Müller – (735 goals).

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