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Discover the Impact of Rainforest Deforestation


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The reduction of tropical forests as a result of deforestation reduces the amount and abundance of rainfall in many tropical regions.

Nature reports that scientists have combined data from observations of deforestation and rainfall in three regions: the Amazon, the Congo and Southeast Asia, where rapid changes in land use are taking place.

The study included an analysis of changes tracked by satellites between 2003 and 2017 to identify areas that were deforested. And compare the rate of precipitation with forests that have not been cut down.

The researchers found that deforestation has led to a decrease in rainfall over the past 14 years. And that the greatest decrease in rainfall was during the rainy season, when rainfall fell to 0.6 mm per month for every percent of tree loss.

Researchers estimate that if forest area continues to decline at such a rapid pace, rainfall in the Congo will decrease by 8-12 percent, which is already affecting biodiversity and the agricultural sector, and could also threaten Congo’s forests, which are one of the largest deposits of carbon dioxide in the world. .

Scientists emphasize that tropical forests play a crucial role in the hydrological cycle and maintain the rainfall regime in the region. Therefore, their removal will disrupt the process of returning moisture from tree leaves to the atmosphere, where they will turn into rain clouds. Reduced rainfall due to the reduction of rainforests also negatively affects the people living in these areas due to lack of drinking water and low crop yields.

Source: Linta. EN

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