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Discover the Spectacular Custom Spaceships in Starfield: Amazing Creations and Unique Designs


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Custom Spaceships in Starfield

The custom spaceships in Starfield continue to provide fun surprises. User creativity knows no bounds, just like Bethesda’s video game editor, perhaps with the help of some specific mods.

Amazing Creations Shared by the Starfield Community

If you follow this thread on social media, you won’t miss some of the latest amazing creations shared by the community. After some of the gems we talked about during the Early Access days and right after Starfield’s launch, such as the spaceship Titanic or the Star Destroyer from Star Wars, it’s time to discover other brilliant projects.

Unique Spaceship Designs

RebsGaming profile X, who is very sensitive to this issue, recently shared a SpongeBob-shaped ship created by longridr. When viewed from above, the spaceship resembles a cute cartoon sponge. Instead, user Mortalfishgod is trying to create a crossover with another space video game, No Man’s Sky, by rebuilding Sentinel. Finally, SonofaWitch71 returns to the world of Halo with the GA-TL1 longsword.

Praising User’s Building Skills

Anyone who has tried playing in the spaceship editor knows that navigating the building modules is not easy, so these creations are worthy of praise. The construction of an outpost by a player who spent more than 100 hours in the editor of one of the modes least exploited by players is also commendable.

Starfield Ships Shared on Twitter

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