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Discovery of anti-aging drug from stem cells


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Columbia University scientists have discovered a drug that reduces the signs of stem cell aging, improving cardiovascular function, cognition and muscle strength.

The journal Nature Cell Biology points out that the small amount of stem cells in the bone marrow helps form all of the blood cells in the body. But as they age, these stem cells change and produce fewer red blood cells (which leads to anemia) and fewer immune cells (which increases the risk of infection), and it becomes harder to maintain the integrity of their genomes (which can lead to leukemia).

Previously, researchers have tried to regenerate stem cells in mice through exercise or a calorie-restricted diet. However, these attempts did not give positive results. In addition, they tried to transplant aged stem cells into the bone marrow of young people. And also by blood transfusion. However, all these attempts did not give the desired results.

But the researchers in this new study used cutting-edge bone marrow techniques, and it became clear to them that the productive capacity of the stem cell production area deteriorates over time, leading to an imbalance of stem cells in the blood.

Researchers have found that anti-inflammatory IL-1B molecules taken from aging bone marrow play a special role in the appearance of signs of aging. And blocking it with anakinra resulted in stem cell regeneration and healing of blood stem cells. The researchers noted that the most obvious effectiveness is seen when using this substance throughout the life of the animals subjected to experiments.

The researchers are currently working to see if the same processes can be applied to humans. They also plan to determine the optimal age for a person to give anakinra.

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