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Disney to Bring Back Manhattan’s Gargoyles in Live-Action Adaptation for Disney+


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Manhattan’s Gargoyles Could Make a Comeback

Disney has successfully revived some of its classic stories through live-action adaptations. Movies like The Lion King and Mulan have generated billions of dollars at the box office. Now, Disney is turning its attention to television, with plans to adapt the animated series “Gargoyles, the Angels of the Night” for Disney+.

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According to Variety, the project will be handled by James Wan’s production company, Atomic Monster. Wan, known for directing films such as The Conjuring and Aquaman 2, will be involved in the writing process alongside other talented authors. The new series will be a live-action adaptation, featuring actors transformed into winged creatures.

This adaptation is not about the iconic gargoyles protecting Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, but rather about the gargoyles situated in New York City. The original series, created by Greg Weisman, aired from 1994 to 1997 and gained popularity in France. Its three seasons are now available on Disney+.

At this point, details such as the release date and cast members are still unknown. This project has faced previous attempts at adaptation that did not come to fruition, but Disney is determined to bring these beloved characters back to life. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the Gargoyles video game, which recently received a remastered version for various gaming platforms.

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