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Doctor Discovers Signs of Addiction


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Dr. Anton Masyakin, director of the Moscow Health Ministry’s Moscow Research and Practice Center for Drugs, said anxiety symptoms and mood swings could be indicative of drug addiction.

And the expert said in a statement to the Russian News agency on the occasion of World Adolescent Mental Health Day, which falls annually on March 2: “All types of drugs affect mental health, mood, thinking, feelings and human behavior to varying degrees. Continuous drug use has consequences “Serious and long-term consequences such as anxiety and depression. Substance use has also been shown to be a proven risk factor for suicidal behavior.”

According to him, drug abuse and excessive drinking lead to emotional instability, in which a person can lose the ability to control himself or suffer from mood swings.

He says: “The results of brain research have shown that drug abuse permanently inhibits the activity of the prefrontal cortex and weakens its connection with other parts of the brain, especially with the reward centers that are stimulated by drug use. the cortex is responsible for higher mental functions such as self-control, attention, planning and emotional regulation, therefore, during normal work, emotional reactions are muted, and when taking drugs, they weaken, which makes a person vulnerable to emotional fluctuations.

According to him, drugs can cause hallucinations and psychotic disorders in some people.
He also says, “This means that the person is hallucinating and presenting delusional and confused thoughts, even in severe cases they are life-threatening.”

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