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Doctors reveal unexpected health benefits of love and intimacy


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British doctors said that love and intimacy stimulate the immune system, which leads to an increase in life expectancy.

And The Sun points out that, according to Dr. Rachel Ward, a specialist at the Geriatric Center, intimacy prolongs life. She says: “Love and the feelings that arise when a person is loved bring happiness and reduce the possibility of developing mental disorders. Meaningful relationships are important, as they prolong life expectancy.”

She adds that unromantic relationships are also good for the person.

For her part, Anita Baines, a psychologist, said that intimacy and close, long-term relationships stimulate the immune system. This is because the two partners share bacteria, which over time leads to a stronger immune system. And this love reduces the risk of depression.

“This is because the person keeps their partner company and provides them with emotional support, which reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation,” she explains. Moreover, people in such relationships move more, often motivating each other to play sports.

Dr. Pippa Murphy, a sexologist, confirms that intimacy is good for the heart and blood vessels, especially for women.

“A study by scientists at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts found that having sex twice a week reduced the risk of heart disease by 50 percent. And the more sex you have, the lower the risk,” she says.

Proximity promotes healthy sleep, she says.

And she says: “Have sex before bed, after that you will quickly fall asleep and sleep will become more healthy.”

Source: Linta. EN

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