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Doctors told how dangerous sweets with alcohol are


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Moscow, January 4 – Sweets with alcohol can lead not only to slight intoxication, but also to hyperglycemia – an increase in blood sugar, as well as an excess of “empty” calories – a direct path to weight gain, as the interviewed doctors said. for the News Agency.
As the head of the clinical branch of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Narcology of the capital’s health department, Valentin Skryabin, notes, for many people, sweets in a bright wrapper and a beautiful box are synonymous with a holiday, and thanks to the tricks of marketers, sweets with alcohol look like a “double holiday” “.
“The amount of alcohol contained in them depends on the type of confectionery product, the specific manufacturer, the manufacturing technology. Many of these sweets contain confectionery liqueurs, additives and flavors that contain alcohol. Manufacturers must indicate the alcohol content of these sweets on the packaging and I want to warn against Attempting to achieve alcohol poisoning by consuming a large amount of alcohol-containing sweets, the result will not be intoxication, but hyperglycemic shock that occurs with a marked increase in blood sugar levels.
The narcologist noted that it is best for people with alcohol problems who have been treated for alcoholism not to be reminded of alcohol in any way whatsoever.

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“Unfortunately, not just a sip of alcohol can lead to a breakdown, but even its smell and taste. And in this case, it is not so important whether real alcohol is present in sweets or their substitutes – the taste of these sweets can awaken memories and provoke an attraction to alcohol, which It leads to a relapse of the disease, so it is better not to take risks and not provoke others who may have problems with alcohol. I urge everyone not to spoil the holiday for each other and remember that the principle “nothing will come of one dessert” is inappropriate here, he added.
In turn, the chief nutritionist of the capital’s Ministry of Health, Antonina Starodubova, said that all sweets are high in sugar. Its content can range from 40% in some chocolates and jams to 96% in lollipops and caramels.
The nutritionist pointed out that as a healthy alternative to sweets, there can be fresh or dried fruits and berries, in addition to various dishes including: salads, jelly, mousse, as well as unsweetened marshmallows, marmalade, marshmallows, prepared without or With minimal added sugar. These foods also contain simple carbohydrates, but usually in smaller amounts.
“In addition, various berries and fruits are a source of essential nutrients in our daily diet, along with a high content of dietary fiber, bioactive compounds, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Berries and fruits can be eaten throughout the day as a dessert, and additional benefit and pleasure will bring a small portion of Nuts are approximately 30-40 grams without adding salt or sugar – sources of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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