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Document with Pele’s handwriting reveals one of his most remarkable secrets


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A document that revealed to the late Brazilian player Pele one of the secrets that remained unknown even before the reading of his will, and concerning his daughter Sandra Regina, who had long refused to be her father.

And when his will was opened, it became clear that the Brazilian star and the most famous player in the history of football was preparing a loud surprise after his departure, as he named Sandra among his seven children, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

And this despite the fact that the deceased always denied this, despite the fact that the DNA test requested by the court proved that she really was his daughter.

Regina was born in 1964 and her mother, Anicio Machado, had an affair with Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele) while she was working as a cleaning lady and she died 17 years ago without knowing that Pele would count her one day at a time. his children.

According to the publication, Pele met Sandra’s children the day before his death, and one of his last desires was to meet his grandchildren.

Source: Spanish newspaper Marca.

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