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Dog found beaten in trash can in Tula under investigation


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Yaroslavl, April 18 – The Tula police are investigating the circumstances of the brutal beating of a husky, which a local resident found in a trash can covered in blood and with injuries, the News Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Tula region reported.
In social networks, information appeared that a Tula resident found a husky in a trash can, which someone probably beat and threw away – the animal was covered in blood, with broken teeth and, as it turned out when examined by veterinarians, with a concussion. The dog has been placed in a shelter. Local residents suggest that the dog was beaten by a nearby farmer.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Tula region told the News Agency that the police had received a statement regarding the discovery of a dog.

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The Ministry of the Interior said: “The appeal was registered in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the law. Police officers are investigating all the circumstances of this incident.”
Law enforcement officers found it difficult to confirm the data in social networks that there was a video allegedly beating a dog from a camera in a neighboring house.

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