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Don’t Breathe 2: Despite Bad Reviews, the Popular Film Ranks Second on Netflix


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Don’t Breathe 2: A Popular Film Despite Bad Reviews

Despite receiving negative reviews, the feature film “Don’t Breathe 2” is currently ranked second among the most viewed films on Netflix, just after “Agent Stone.” However, critics have been tough, giving it a 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many compare it unfavorably to the first installment, stating that it lacks the relentless tension of its predecessor, and it fails to capture the same breath-holding experience. Consequently, it is considered a less successful sequel.

The sequel takes place eight years after the events of the 2016 film. Norman Nordstrom, the blind veteran, now lives peacefully with his 11-year-old daughter. However, their lives are suddenly disrupted when old crimes resurface. This plot has appealed more to viewers, with 85% positive opinions on Rotten Tomatoes. They praise the film for its superb twists, suspense, and action.

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The reception in France is slightly less enthusiastic than the critics’ responses, with spectators giving it a rating of 2.7/5 compared to 3/5 on AlloCiné. Mixed opinions suggest that the story initially feels repetitive but takes a turn for the better as it progresses. Despite the angst portrayed in “Don’t Breathe 2,” it also offers ample action and excessive violence. It’s worth mentioning that “Don’t Breathe 2” is currently available on Netflix.

The Surprising Twist of the First Film

“Don’t Breathe: The House of Darkness” unveils a twist that goes beyond the basic synopsis. The film follows three young individuals, Rocky, Alex, and Money, who decide to rob the home of a blind veteran. However, their plan doesn’t go as expected, and the old man proves to be dangerous, almost killing them to protect his property. Just when viewers think they’ve seen the worst, another secret that Norman Nordstrom was hiding is revealed. This unexpected ending has been described by critics as “twisted and unpredictable.” The first film received positive feedback, with 88% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes praising it. It is no longer available on Netflix but can be found on Amazon Prime.

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