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Dragon Ball Daima: A New Anime Filling the Void Until the Return of Dragon Ball Super


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A new Dragon Ball anime that keeps us entertained until the return of Dragon Ball Super

Failing to come up with a completely original concept, Dragon Ball is trying something different, even if it means putting Dragon Ball Super on hold for a few months now, since March 25, 2018. So while it’s good news in one way, it also feels like bad news on the other hand. Fans are already searching online to find out which project is more exciting.

Nevertheless, Daima aims to be another adaptation that adds to the universe created by Akira Toriyama. To achieve this, it seems that the anime is ready to learn from its major animation competitors and replicate their success in the coming fall. Although the announcement is recent, the release of this new series won’t be until fall 2024, giving us plenty of time to build up excitement and anticipation. Although there are still uncertainties surrounding Dragon Ball Daima, certain aspects, like its timeline, are becoming clearer.

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Where does Dragon Ball Daima fit in comparison to other Dragon Ball projects? Let’s take a look!

Firstly, it’s important to note that Dragon Ball Daima is not an ordinary project. It’s a new adventure that is officially part of the Dragon Ball timeline, meaning it’s canon. However, its exact placement within the timeline is still to be determined. By closely examining the reveal trailer, we can gather some clues. The absence of certain characters and the behavior of those who are present in the trailer hint at its placement. Specifically, there is no Super Saiyan Blue or characters like Pan, Wis, or Beerus. The antagonists in the trailer seem to be observing the events of the Majin Buu arc.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Dragon Ball Daima takes place during the timeskip between the end of the Buu arc and the last pages of Dragon Ball, during the tournament where Goku flies off with Uub for training. Further evidence of its timeline can be found in the fact that the events of the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods occur four years after the Majin Buu arc, and the film Dragon Ball: Hello! Son Goku and his friends are back!! seems to have already taken place within Dragon Ball Daima. As a result, this new anime will be positioned between these two adaptations, leaving a two-year gap for the plot to unfold.

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