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Drivers have been told about road signs that will appear in 2023


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Moscow, January 3 – In 2023, new signs will appear on Russian roads that regulate the movement of certain vehicles and parking lots, Yegor Redin, managing partner of the law firm Positsia Prava, told Prime.
Therefore, there will be signs prohibiting the passage of buses (except for school and road buses), electric scooters and other means of individual mobility. For the latter, a new panel “Vehicle type” will be added.
Special signs will indicate tourist spots, as well as places where you can charge electric vehicles.
Another sign will show the beginning of the area with the environmental class restriction of the vehicle. Moreover, it will not only work for trucks, but also for other types of vehicles.

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Parking lots may display a “Paid Services” sign, as well as a picture of a stroller if it is a disabled parking lot.
There is another innovation that will affect parking in even and odd numbers. Therefore, it will be possible to leave cars on both sides of the road from 9 pm to midnight without fear of fines.
The version of the SDA regulating the installation of new signage will go into effect on March 1.

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