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EA Motive Provides Update on Upcoming Iron Man Game: Development Progress, Unreal Engine 5, and Concept Exploration


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EA Motive Provides Update on Upcoming Iron Man Game

At the beginning of the year, EA Motive delivered the Dead Space Remake, an excellent remake of an already classic title that not only brought it into the modern age visually but improved upon the game before it as a whole.

Since then, its focus has been a coming Iron Man game, and we know very little about the project other than the fact that it’s being made. Motive’s general manager Patrick Klaus however finally provided an update on Thursday.

That update being since it become the team’s full focus following Dead Space’s release, as of now it is “still early in pre-production,” and that the team is “taking our time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development.”

It’s also going to be developed using Unreal Engine 5, “in order to empower the dev team to work their magic and create something really special,” says Klaus.

Klaus also added that despite still being early in the process, the form of the game is growing as the team deeply explores what it could be conceptually.

“Already, we’re finding so many opportunities to explore story, design and gameplay with Iron Man, and it’s exciting to see the fantasy start coming alive.”

Like Dead Space before it, EA Motive has also assembled a group of people outside the studio to weigh in on development as fans of the source material.

“They’ll be offering feedback on pretty much everything throughout the development process.”

Klaus also goes on to talk about the studio returning to more in-person work at its Montreal office, and calls this period for the studio “a period of evolution for us-evolution that leads to elevation.”

Source – EA Motive

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