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Eating a Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Dementia Risk by Almost a Quarter, Study Finds


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Eating a Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce the Risk of Dementia

A new study has found that following a Mediterranean diet, which includes a variety of vegetables, nuts, and seafood, can decrease the risk of developing dementia by almost a quarter.

The Study

The study involved approximately 60,300 participants over the age of 40 in the UK. They were asked about their typical diet over a 24-hour period. The findings revealed that individuals who scored the highest on a Mediterranean diet were 23% less likely to develop dementia.

Reducing Inflammation

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The Mediterranean diet is believed to reduce inflammation in the body and brain, which is associated with dementia. Dr. Claire McEvoy, co-author of the study from Queen’s University Belfast, emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to protect memory and thinking skills as we age. She recommended incorporating more vegetables, fruit, fish, and olive oil into our diets while reducing the consumption of processed foods, sugary foods, and red meat to lower the risk of dementia in the future.

Considered Factors

The researchers took into account other factors such as age, sleep levels, and exercise, which may also influence the risk of developing dementia. They noted that individuals in the early stages of dementia may neglect healthy foods, leading to the misconception that unhealthy diets cause dementia, when in reality, poor diet is a result of the disease.

Genetic Risk

Another study conducted by Newcastle University and published in the journal BMC Medicine discovered that even individuals with a higher genetic risk of developing dementia can lower their risk by following a Mediterranean diet. The study examined a detailed profile of nearly a quarter of a million genetic variations associated with dementia.

Source: Daily Mail

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