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Eating Natural Yogurt: The Surprising Solution for Bad Garlic Breath, According to Scientists


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How Natural Yogurt Can Help Eliminate Bad Garlic Breath

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A recent study conducted by scientists from Ohio State University has discovered that consuming natural yogurt can effectively combat the unpleasant smell of garlic breath.

The Science Behind It

The team of researchers observed that proteins found in regular full-fat yogurt have the ability to neutralize sulfur-based compounds responsible for causing bad odors.

The Experiment

To investigate this further, the scientists placed equal amounts of raw garlic into glass containers and added yogurt with varying levels of fat, protein, and water. They found that yogurt was successful in reducing the main odor-causing compounds in garlic by a remarkable 99%.

The Findings

The analysis revealed that yogurt with higher protein content and a higher percentage of fat was more effective in combating garlic odor. Dr. Cheryl Barringer, the senior author of the study, expressed her interest in the potential of high-protein formulas to be marketed not only as deodorants but also for their taste sensation and nutritional properties.

Roasted Garlic

Additionally, the team tested the impact of yogurt on roasted garlic, known for its milder odor. However, they found that the roasting process significantly reduced the volatile compounds responsible for the smell, rendering yogurt less effective in this case.

Future Implications

The researchers believe that their findings provide a solid foundation for further exploration of different proteins that could potentially be formulated into an ideal product for treating bad breath.


The study’s results were published in the journal Molecules, shedding light on the beneficial properties of natural yogurt in combating garlic breath.


This information was sourced from the Daily Mail.

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