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Edge wins AED1.1 billion contract to supply UAE Armed Forces with Hunter weapons


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Halkin, a subsidiary of Edge, a regional company specializing in the design and manufacture of guided weapons systems and more, announced the signing of a contract worth 1.1 billion dirhams to supply weapons to the UAE Armed Forces.

The expected contract will include the Hunter 2-S, Hunter 5 and Hunter 10 hovercraft targets. Hulken’s Hunter hovercraft family from Hulken is designed for reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and air strikes.

Hunter 2-S is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with advanced AI technology for coordinated missions in teams. Hunters 2-S, 5 and 10 are controlled from vehicle-mounted platforms. This deal will be a milestone for Edge as it includes the UAE’s first defense system to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Saeed Al Mansouri, Senior Vice President of Advanced Concepts at EDGE, said: “We are excited to introduce platforms equipped with the latest technology. The advanced artificial intelligence of the Hunter 2-S and the autonomous targeting capabilities of the Hunter 5 and Hunter 10 hovercraft will strengthen the UAE Armed Forces by providing close air support with effective airborne capabilities.

He added, “The Hunter Series represents our commitment to developing innovative solutions that are compatible with the two initiatives Industry 4.0 and Make in the UAE.” As we continue our innovation efforts, we look forward to creating cutting-edge technical solutions that will keep pace with future trends.
It is worth noting that “Advanced Concepts” is a new business unit at Edge dedicated to the development and implementation of advanced and innovative technologies.

Complementing EDGE’s existing capabilities in the development, manufacturing and marketing of new products, Advanced Concepts is focused on accelerating the rapid development of mission-critical innovation projects from concept and feasibility to detailed engineering before handing those designs back to a major EDGE company. portfolio of manufacturers and marketing.

Halkin is a leading regional manufacturer of integrated precision guidance systems. Through in-house capabilities and across the value chain, we develop low-cost systems that provide the reliability and accuracy customers need to achieve their operational and tactical goals. We also provide manufacturing, automation, robotics solutions, and consulting services.

Source: VAM

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