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Effect of Botox Injections on Brain Activity Involved in Emotion Recognition


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Research shows that Botox injections can impair the ability to recognize the emotions of others.

In a study that looked at happy and sad faces, participants who received anti-aging injections showed changes in brain activity in areas associated with emotions.

A compound called botulinum toxin is injected into areas of the face such as the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth.

This treatment relaxes the subcutaneous muscles by blocking the nerve signals that cause them to contract and smoothes wrinkles.

However, it can also reduce people’s ability to express emotions through facial expressions.

Scientists at the University of California and researchers from Botox manufacturer AbbVie performed brain scans on 10 women aged 33 to 40 before receiving Botox in the forehead and again two to three weeks after the Botox treatment.

During the scan, the participants had to try to identify anger and happiness, as well as neutral expressions in facial images.

The results showed that after the Botox treatment, there was a change in activity in areas of the brain associated with emotion processing, such as the amygdala (the center of the brain responsible for processing emotions) and the fusiform gyrus (part of the lower temporal cortex that helps recognize objects and faces).

Scientists say the results of the study show that the inability to smile or frown as a result of Botox injections also affects how people read other people’s faces.

Speaking to New Scientist, Dr. Fernando Marmolejo Ramos, a human cognition researcher at the University of South Australia, explained that mimicking facial expressions helps us recognize them. emotions. . Because Botox paralyzes muscles, it disrupts activity between areas of the face and brain associated with emotion processing.

“You may not be able to experience the other person’s feelings as strongly or as clearly as you would like,” he added.

Source: Daily Mail

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