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Egypt Approves Establishment of Holding Company Headquarters for Road and Transport Projects in Saudi Arabia


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Egypt to Implement Large-Scale Projects in Saudi Arabia

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Egypt is preparing to undertake significant projects in Saudi Arabia following the approval from the Egyptian Ministry of Transport to establish a holding company headquarters for road, bridge, and land transport projects in the Kingdom.

Sharing Expertise and Strengthening Partnerships

Professor of Road Engineering, Abdullah Abu Khadra, affirms Egypt’s commitment to transferring its experience in executing massive projects within ambitious timeframes to the regional and international arena. With the establishment of the Holding Company for Roads, Bridges, and Land Transport Projects headquarters in Saudi Arabia, the company has already received contracts for infrastructure projects in the Kingdom.

Abu Khadra emphasizes the economic strength and capabilities of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which enable them to form formidable partnerships for mutual benefits. He further states that Saudi Arabia aims to enhance cooperation with Egypt across various sectors and levels. Additionally, the Ministry of Transport strives to expand its activities beyond road and bridge construction and increase cooperation with neighboring Arab countries.

About the Holding Company

The Holding Company for Road, Bridge, and Land Transport Projects is a state-owned enterprise specializing in the construction of roads, bridges, airports, railways, and other infrastructure projects. Established in 1963, the company and its subsidiaries have successfully implemented projects worth over £10.5 billion in the last financial year. The planned budget for the upcoming financial year, taking into account economic changes, past performance, and revenue expectations, is valued at £988 million.

Expanding Operations and Ensuring Readiness

The holding company not only adheres to standard specifications and schedules but also seeks to expand its involvement beyond the road and bridge sector. It actively participates in infrastructure projects across various industries within Egypt and explores opportunities for international expansion, particularly in Africa and other Arab countries. The company prioritizes the continuous training of its engineering staff, regular maintenance of equipment, and the provision of state-of-the-art tools to ensure operational readiness.


Source: RT

Author: Nasser Hatem

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