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Egypt beat America in the 2023 Handball World Cup


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The Egyptian national team scored a landslide 35-16 victory over their American counterpart, scoring a goal in a match that brought them together Tuesday night in the third round of the 2023 Handball World Cup group stage.

The Pharaohs advanced 12 goals in the first half (19-7) and added 16 more goals in the second half compared to Uncle Sam’s 9 goals.

Egypt took the lead in Group G with a total of 9 points and advanced well into the main round of the tournament, accompanied by third-placed Croatians and second-placed Americans, while Morocco finished fourth and were promoted to the presidential team. Cup competition.

24 teams participate in the main round, which will be divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each.

It is noteworthy that the matches of the World Handball Championship started on January 11 and will last until January 29, 2023, and are hosted by Poland and Sweden.

Source: RT

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