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Egypt declares preparedness to manufacture railway transportation


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Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir said that a protocol on cooperation was signed between the Egyptian National Railways and the Spanish company Talgo to establish a plant for the production of passenger railway cars.

In press statements, the Egyptian minister indicated that the plant would be built in the Kom Abu Radi area of ​​Beni Suef province, on an area of ​​20 feddans, with equipment, in an area adjacent to the Kom Abu Radi workshops associated with the railway.

The minister said in a statement that this will make the region a complex for the production and maintenance of mobile units and their components from Spanish Talgo vehicles with advanced modern technologies.

The Minister noted that this plant will carry out train maintenance work and will produce 50 high-tech talgo trains in the first stage and 50 talgo trains in the second stage, provided that the production stages are completed by the hands of Egyptian engineers and technicians and under the supervision of Spanish specialists. .

The Talgo plant in Egypt will also carry out normal production work, starting with the first line, with 97% of the production work being used at the Talgo plant in Spain.

The Talgo Egypt plant also seeks to rely on local suppliers at a rate of up to 45% for local components, provided that work is done to gradually increase this percentage through Egyptian companies, in addition to locating the underground at the Nirk plant. in East Port Said with 40 new metro trains.

Bridge supply industries such as bridge piles are being localized, and a railway rail manufacturing plant is being set up in Egypt for the first time to meet the needs of the local market for railway projects, metro and high speed trains, and then export abroad.
In the field of maritime transport, the minister confirmed that a plant for the production of steel sheets used in boats is being set up.

He indicated that an agreement was reached with a South Korean company to purchase a number of boats for the Cairo Ferries Company, and then 4 boats, after which cooperation will be established with the Suez Canal Authority and the private sector in the production of commercial boats. .

Source: Egyptian media

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