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Egypt.. Government allocates one million pounds in prizes to citizens


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Sherri Sameer, director of the Citizens Incentives Project at the Egyptian Tax Authority, said the incentive has been piloted in 5 major shopping malls in the country.

And she went on in a phone call with journalist Ahmed Moussa on My Responsibility on Sunday night that citizens are encouraged to save accounts because they have £1 million worth of prizes.

The director of the Citizen Motivation Project at the tax authority confirmed that the citizen should ask the cashier to register an account in the program (your account, your protection and your prize), adding that the account has value because the citizen can receive incentives in the subject.

And Sherry Sameer went on to say that the citizen who receives the bill from the malls is asking for the transaction to be registered.

She added that a message is sent to the buyer’s phone containing the name of the product, its cost and place of purchase. For confirmation, a confirmation code is sent to 9119 for free, indicating that this encourages citizens to switch to a merchant registered in the tax system.

And Sherry Sameer added that the unregistered tax evader trader suffers from a lack of pressure on him from buyers, which pushes him to legalize his status, explaining that the goal of this measure is to merge the informal economy with the formal economy. and control the parallel economy and trace goods.

Source: Egyptian media

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