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Egypt is preparing to launch a unique zoo


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The Egyptian Ministry of the Environment is preparing to open a unique zoo in the Wadi al-Rayan nature reserve in Faiyum.

The launch of the park represents a new type of ecotourism as the ministry is in the process of implementing the Faiyum Wadi al-Rayan Wildlife Sanctuary project, which is one of the green projects aimed at biodiversity conservation. maintaining resilience and adapting to climate change by relocating animal and plant species that are extinct from their original environment or are globally endangered in order to protect them and create an ecosystem that allows them to coexist in a safe and protected way.

The project is part of a program to support the conservation and conservation of wildlife and biodiversity, in addition to the implementation of types of entertainment programs that bring children and young people together and convince them of the importance of maintaining the health of the reserve. , which reflects the health of the earth, the health of animals and humans, which is the concept of one health.

This project is considered one of the economic investment projects within nature reserves that depend on marine tourism, diving and snorkeling due to the presence of coral reefs in the South Sinai and Red Sea area, which are characteristic of Egypt, and now we are opening another area of ​​ecotourism, in the wilderness area, which depends on mountain places, desert places and land.

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