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Egypt Presidential Elections 2022: Dates, Candidates, and Economic Impact


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Egypt to Hold Presidential Elections in December

Egypt’s electoral authorities have announced that the country will hold presidential elections from December 10 to 12. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has been in power for nearly a decade, has not officially announced his candidacy, but state-aligned media have already shown support from pro-government entities.

Opposition Candidates and Accusations of Harassment

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So far, only two other candidates have announced their intention to run in the elections. One of them is opposition politician Ahmed Tantawi, who has previously condemned harassment by security forces. Human rights groups claim that Tantawi supporters have been arrested, and Tantawi himself alleges that his phone has been bugged by the Egyptian government.

Another candidate, Farid Zahran, the head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, has also expressed his intention to run. He calls for “guarantees” to ensure democratic elections and to address the economic crisis caused by the ruling government. However, Hisham Qassem, a potential presidential candidate, is banned from running due to a prison sentence on charges of defamation and contempt of officials.

Economic Crisis and Election Date Advancement

Analysts believe that the election date has been advanced due to the country’s economic situation. Egypt has been facing its worst economic crisis since early last year, with the currency losing half its value and consumer prices soaring. The International Monetary Fund approved a loan to Egypt on the condition of a transition to a flexible exchange rate regime, but Egypt has not fully implemented this agreement. As a result, the IMF has delayed its review of the program and the release of the second tranche of the loan. The government has kept the exchange rate fixed, but prices continue to rise due to a shortage of foreign currencies. In response, Sisi’s government has introduced social protection measures and raised the minimum wage. Experts suggest that the economic measures will be implemented after the elections.

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