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Egypt Receives Largest Compensation in History


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Egyptian lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr, legal adviser to the head of the Suez Canal Authority, revealed the details of the hoisting of the Egyptian flag on Nabil Al-Hilali’s locomotive; received by the Authority after settlement with Evergiven.

Abu Bakr said during a media call with Azza Mustafa on the Liberation Hall program that after the Suez Canal Authority was able to resolve the crisis of the ship Evergreen on the sea route, negotiations were terminated after 6 days. between the authorities and the company that owns the ship within 90 days to explore obtaining compensation for the disruption of international navigation on the global waterway, emphasizing that secret provisions have been agreed to resolve this crisis.

And the legal adviser to the head of the department added tonight, Tuesday, that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is interfering with all the details of the Suez Canal Administration, indicating that this tug was received with a tensile strength of 75 tons, after the authorities agreed with the company owning ship to receive the world’s highest compensation after the container ship Evergiven ran aground.

The legal adviser to the head of the administration of the Suez Canal noted that negotiations between the authorities took place with 12 parties, and the ship was released and left Egyptian territorial waters, while its goods were not damaged or damaged.

Khaled Abu Bakr pointed out that the Japanese company that owns the company recorded the words of gratitude to Egypt after the end of the ship’s sailing crisis and insisted on broadcasting them to the whole world, stressing that the Suez Canal Administration is one of the most disciplined Egyptian authorities, and the Egyptians should be proud of the existence of such a body as the Administration of the Suez Canal.

Source: Cairo 24

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