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Egypt Unveils Launch Date for Largest Plant of its Kind


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Mansour Abdel Ghani, a spokesman for the Egyptian Public Enterprise Sector Ministry, said that work is underway on a national project to develop the spinning and weaving sector.

The spokesman noted that work is ongoing under the leadership of Engineer Mahmoud Esmat, the Minister of Public Sector for Business, who is monitoring the progress of the project on a daily basis in preparation for the reopening of the factories starting next July.

Abdel-Ghani added that Cotton Holding’s National Spinning and Weaving Development Project aims to maximize the yield of long staple and extra long staple Egyptian cotton, as well as adding transformative industries such as oil presses, feed industry, etc. and the project is proceeding according to the precise timetable that was reviewed by Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouli during his recent visit to the Mahalla spinning company last month.

The new mill will use manufacturing technology in collaboration with the Swiss company Ritter, which will be the main partner in the development of state-owned spinning mills in line with Cairo’s comprehensive development plan for public sector companies.

Spinning and weaving has been endemic in the city of Mahalla since its inception in the twenties of the last century, and the first factory was founded by the Egyptian economist Talaat Harb, founder of Banque Misr, in the city of El Mahalla Al. -Kubra in 1927.

The Egyptian government has confirmed that there is a plan for the development of spinning, weaving and dyeing factories, which includes 65 factories and service buildings in all subsidiaries, including the Misr spinning and weaving company and Al-Babda (Al-Babda) dyers, as well as at present, a complex of spinning, weaving and dyeing factories is being carried out, as well as the implementation of the complex in the Damietta company. -Kom Spinning and Weaving Company, in addition to completing the construction of a weaving mill and another dye mill at Misr Helwan Spinning and Weaving Company.

The Misr Spinning and Weaving Company Development Project occupies a large part of the project for the development of spinning and weaving enterprises, which are part of the Ministry of Public Business. It includes the creation of five new factories and the restoration of three other factories, namely the creation of spinning factory 1, as well as the creation of each of the textile factories, textile blanks 1 and 2, in addition to the “dye shop”. “, as well as the creation of a power plant, with the project including the development and improvement of efficiency and the creation of extensions in each of Ghazals 4, Gazals 6 and Details.

Source: RT

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