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Egypt Warns Citizens of Potential Risks on WhatsApp


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The Egyptian government has issued a statement regarding the distribution of voice messages on the WhatsApp app, claiming that a decision has been made to suspend telecom e-wallet services indefinitely.

And the Egyptian government said in a statement: “WhatsApp voice messages indicate that a decision has been made to stop e-wallets for telecom companies indefinitely. There is no truth in stopping e-wallets from telecom wallets indefinitely , and that the voice messages being distributed are unfounded.

And the statement continued: “The e-wallet service is operating normally and regularly without any impediment to all telecommunications companies, and no instructions or decisions have been issued by any official body to stop working with them, indicating the importance of e-wallets in support. the efforts of the state and its various institutions to achieve financial inclusion and transition to society”. any complaints related to this matter.

This came after two voice messages circulated through the WhatsApp app stating that “70% of wallets and merchants who work on balance distribution will be suspended and whoever has money on Vodafone Cash or cash, and his plan is still working. , he will remove them quickly, even if you need money soon. I refuse before the decision is applied to your line.

Source: RT

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