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EgyptAir Resumes Flights from Egypt to the United States After 8-Year Hiatus


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EgyptAir Resumes Flights from Egypt to the United States After 8-Year Hiatus

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Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, Mohamed Abbas Helmy, has announced the resumption of cargo flights from Egypt to the United States by EgyptAir. This comes after a pause of more than 8 years.

Enhanced Security Measures

Minister Abbas Helmy emphasized the ministry’s commitment to implementing additional security measures in the civil aviation system to ensure the highest level of safety for individuals, facilities, and flights.

US Transportation Security Administration Checks

A delegation from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) visited Cairo International Airport and conducted security checks. They also reviewed security procedures on EgyptAir passenger and cargo flights during their week-long visit.

Commendation for Egyptian Security Measures

The US TSA delegation praised the Egyptian side for their strong commitment to implementing all security measures at Cairo International Airport and on EgyptAir flights, aligning with international safety and security standards.

Positive Impact on Cargo Flights

Lieutenant General Abbas Helmy expressed satisfaction with the visit, stating that it had a positive impact on the decision to resume EgyptAir cargo flights transporting various types of cargo from Egypt to the United States.

Continuous Training and Compliance with International Standards

The Minister highlighted the Ministry of Aviation’s focus on continuously training security personnel to ensure they adhere to insurance and security procedures with precision. This is in line with international standards and specifications within the Egyptian civil aviation sector.

Routine Security Screening Process

During a 7-day visit by the TSA delegation, Cairo International Airport underwent routine security inspections to ensure the safety of passengers, bags, and goods. The delegation did not raise any concerns affecting the safety of insurance operations and passengers.

Background on Previous Cargo Shipment Ban

In November 2015, the US banned the shipment of goods on passenger planes due to security measures taken by countries worldwide following a Russian investigation that revealed a high-explosive bomb caused the crash of a passenger plane in Sinai. This ban has now been lifted.

Air Transport Agreement and Cargo Volume

The air transport agreement between Egypt and the United States was signed in 1964 and remains one of the oldest agreements in the region. Before the 8-year hiatus, the air cargo volume reached 7,300 tons per year.


Source: RT + Egyptian media

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