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Egyptian Army Reveals Large-Scale Egypt Security Projects


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The Egyptian Armed Forces has published a set of videos on a number of ongoing projects in the country to ensure food security in Egypt.

The Egyptian Armed Forces released videos of the Future of Egypt (New Delta), Silo Foods and Project Toshka projects, which aim to achieve food security in Egypt through large agricultural projects.

In the Toshka project, Egypt has transformed a desert from yellow sands into vast green spaces in the heart of the southern desert, as this project is one of the most famous national agricultural projects in Egypt.

New Delta

As for the New Delta project, this is one of the most important horizontal expansion projects with an area of ​​2.2 million feddans. The cultivated area that is supposed to be cultivated is equivalent to 30% of the area of ​​the old Delta. The project is also distinguished by its strategic location due to its proximity to land, air and sea ports, “Alexandria, Sokhna, Damietta” and Sphinx airports, as well as Burj Al Arab, and the project is connected to major roads and major industrial areas, such as Sadat City, October 6, Burj Al Arab, etc. It also represents the new urban expansion of the Delta governorates.

It aims to strengthen the food security base and reduce the gap in the import of strategic goods, provide activities related to agriculture, such as livestock and poultry and the industrialization of agriculture, create agro-industrial complexes linking agriculture, manufacturing, trade and services, redistribute the population and to attract a large number of citizens to reduce overpopulation and create new jobs, increase the competitiveness of agricultural exports and strengthen Egypt’s foreign exchange balance.

Silo Foods

Silo Foods is considered the state’s first and most modern integrated industrial city that operates in an integrated way, as its planning and implementation took into account that the needs of any external element in the project are not met, with the exception of wheat, which is necessary for the production of flour, which is used as the main raw materials for the various products that Silo is working on. Foods.

The management of the project has ensured that the city operates almost entirely electronically, with the implementation of an internal network that transports flour and wheat after it has been milled to the various enterprises of the food city with its four factories: biscuits, pasta and bakery factories, in addition to having flour mill, and one more for wheat storage, in addition to the factory. Packing products and consumables.

Source: RT

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