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Egyptian astronaut Farouk El-Baz warns and reveals the connection of the Arabian Peninsula with earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


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Egyptian space scientist Farouk El-Baz, who specializes in geology and astronomy, discovered that what happened during the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey was caused by a slight movement of the masses of the Arabian Peninsula.

He explained: “This movement from the south of the Sultanate of Oman to the north of Syria resulted in these huge earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria last Monday with a magnitude of 8.4 on the Richter scale and caused thousands of casualties, including deaths, injuries and the homeless.”

Al-Baz said: “The source of the earthquake is located at a very great depth of the earth below the earth’s crust. All this bark is in the form of one piece, floating next to each other, and any movement of one of them causes alarm.

Al-Baz added: “At present, there are no means to limit the movement of earthquakes or to avoid their occurrence, because this movement is the result of movement in the mass under the crust of the earth’s crust, but we can avoid its dangers. by determining the place and time of its occurrence, as well as preventing the fact that people are taken out of these territories and evacuated property, thanks to the role of satellites and the efforts of scientists.

The geologist and astronomer noted that “the countries most threatened by the effects of the earthquake are Syria and some of its neighbors from Iraq to the east and Lebanon to the south, and these are the countries and regions that are most threatened by the effects of the earthquake.” recent earthquakes.

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