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Egyptian Customs Decides on Jordanian Goods for US and European Markets


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The Egyptian Customs Authority has issued instructions to customs authorities regarding goods in transit from Jordan that are exported to European countries and to the United States of America via Egypt.

The Customs Administration said these instructions are within the scope of regulating the procedures to be followed when transporting Jordanian goods to Europe and America through Egyptian ports from the port of Nuweiba.

Customs said that upon arrival of goods from the port of Aqaba to the port of Nuweiba, Jordanian goods in transit transiting through Egyptian ports are exempt from the ACI pre-registration system for goods. Strengthen the relations of cooperation and trade exchange between the two fraternal countries.

Customs has determined that lists and bills of lading must be presented to the final destination of the foreign country.

Egyptian Customs also required Canal Shipping Agencies, an agent of Arab Bridge Company, to submit a Customs Declaration, which is a Certificate of Transit and a Shipment Request, to the Customs of Arrival to transport goods to America and Europe from Nuweiba Customs, whether ports overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta and vice versa, with a window system.

Customs has determined that Jordanian goods in transit must present one of the accepted customs guarantees in accordance with the provisions of Article 95 of the Customs Law Executive Orders, specifying the amount of taxes, customs duties and other taxes and fees.

Customs emphasized that the dispatching customs should give these goods a priority role in customs procedures, and customs data should be included in the window platform, documents should be checked, the release route of goods should be determined electronically, and the following measures should be taken:

1- In the event that the procedures are completed in the green way, documents are reviewed, guarantees are presented, and regulatory approval, if any, is obtained, in accordance with the procedures established by these authorities, in addition to verification and compliance, to guarantee the product and quantity, if procedures are completed on the red path.

2- In case the procedures are completed in the green bar, it is sufficient to transmit the messages received on the (X-ray) device, provided that the locks on the containers are not damaged and the parcels are in good condition. state.

3- The Department of Customs Traffic installs electronic customs locks and writes down their numbers in the application for shipment, indicating the route of movement leading directly to the customs office of arrival and the estimated time period for this.

4- Follow the message issued by the transit system and notify the Department of Anti-Duty Evasion or Customs Security if he arrives late at the appropriate time to investigate the reasons for his late arrival and take legal action if necessary.

Source: RT

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