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Egyptian experts analyze the causes of the “catastrophe of America”, which Sisi spoke about


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The Egyptian economist Mostafa Badra spoke of a new crisis that is beginning in the world, coming from America for the third time, and which consists in its non-payment of debts.

Badra explained in statements to RT that “this crisis is initiated by the US Treasury and the US Congress is keen to discuss it to call on it to raise the debt ceiling again, as for the first time the world has been hit hard by inflation as a result of raising US interest rates as a result of printing trillions dollars after the coronavirus pandemic.

He pointed out that, of course, in order to cover the Corona pandemic and not shut down, America also exported billions of dollars worth of crisis, which led to an increase in inflation rates in the world, and therefore more inflation rates, as the United States of America resorted to slowing down. unable to cope with this inflation, and had a very big impact on world markets, which led to an increase in interest rates around the world, which led to the release of billions of dollars of investments from the world to the American market.

Badra noted that crises have been exported to the world and the situation is still the most difficult problem in the global economic environment, adding that the 2008 mortgage crisis has been exported to the world, the coronavirus pandemic crisis has been exported to the world, and the latest crisis today, that is, the chains supplies and inflation, exported to the world.

He emphasized that the international community should have an economic discussion with the largest economies, whether it be the G7 or the G20, to maintain stability in the global economy, but America is unknowingly managing the global economy, which has led to many difficulties in recent years for people, and the cause increases. It is difficult to account for the cost of people’s lives.

The Egyptian expert pointed out that America has pumped about $27 billion into the war between Russia and Ukraine and has not pumped a single million dollars into world peace.

Economist Ahmed Khattab: America is the most losing country because of Ukraine

For his part, economist Ahmed Khattab said that the United States of America is the most losing country in the world because of the Ukrainian war, which was originally a specific Russian military operation to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

Khattab pointed out in statements to RT that US President Joe Biden’s intervention and pressure on Europe to enter that crisis has plunged the entire world into a new coronavirus crisis from which the world has yet to recover.

And he stressed that the United States bears the biggest economic losses because it is one of the borrowing countries and it has treasury bills and joint loans, in addition to high inflation to a large level, high unemployment and natural disasters. to which she was exposed because of the intense cold to which many states were exposed, which forced the American administration to send aid to her, and made America a country unable to pay its debts on time.

He added that one of the reasons for the weakness of the American economy is the slowdown in the sale of American weapons, since the United States began to send a lot of weapons to Ukraine, which come through support and assistance and have no financial return. and represent no return to the American citizen. Ahmed Khattab, an economist, pointed out that the rise in fuel and logistics prices, following the rise in prices for gas and oil products, has caused global human hunger and shock, noting that there are countries with high inflation rates reaching 30 percent.

He explained that the world was paralyzed due to the protracted Ukrainian war, which, due to the actions of the United States, turned into a quasi-international war. The United States and Europe support Ukraine, which is at war with Russia on their behalf, indicating that this has caused imbalance, geopolitical instability and a decline in the large volume of trade, as well as a shrinking industry due to high interest rates and poor financing.

He explained that this crisis will continue throughout 2023 and its effects are expected to last until 2024 until Joe Biden’s term ends and the new president sits down at the negotiating table and reaches a political solution with Russia.

He pointed out that unlike the US economy, the Russian economy is strong, and Moscow has good relations with all countries of the world, even European countries that refuse to deal with Russia, buy Russian gas through intermediary countries, which is beneficial to Russia and its economy.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said during the celebration of the 71st Police Day at the Police Academy that we are part of the global economy and we must confront the conditions we are in, stressing that the economies of large countries are described as the largest economies. in a world suffering and affected by a global crisis, without mentioning the names of specific countries.

And the Egyptian president explained: “Without naming specific countries, because we don’t like to upset any of us. You don’t hear in the media that one of the largest economies in the world has a payment default problem.” his debts. That’s true, but we won’t name names, because no one is offended by us.

Source: RT

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