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Egyptian government collects millions of dollars from its citizens


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The Egyptian Ministry of Finance announced that the total amount of transfers under the initiative to facilitate the importation of cars for Egyptians abroad amounted to $202 million.

The Egyptian Ministry said the total number of applicants to benefit from the initiative was 42,000 who registered on the electronic platform, noting that about 12,000 payment orders have been issued and more than 2,900 “import permits” have been issued.

It is noteworthy that the import permit is valid for a year from the date of its issuance, and these vehicles are released sequentially. There are currently new requests for requests with a total of 2,650 vehicles, of which 2,600 vehicles have been evaluated, and 50 vehicles remain in the evaluation stage, according to financial report.

The Council of Ministers recently agreed to grant initiative incentives, the most important of which was the abolition of the requirement to deposit an amount that must be paid at least three months before the transfer, so that it is sufficient to present a bank statement. for the six months preceding the date of transfer, indicating the deposit, withdrawal and transfer operations.

It also included the abolition of the requirement to certify residency documents, bank statements and certificates of vehicle data at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.

Source: RT

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